During these last two weeks the Solidus Team has been preparing the exchange platform launch. The production infrastructure for the website and the wallets is now ready.

We would like to thanks again our VoltaVX for the nice work on the website homepage!

In the upcoming days a short closed testing phase in production environment will start, with the support of some coins developer to ensure that everything is in place.

The team has also completed the whitepaper that will be published as promised on 15th July.

Here is a little preview of the homepage and the final design of the platform



During this week we have prepared our homepage layout and we are working to complete the API documentation as soon as possible.

In the meantime the team is also completing the whitepaper that will be released as promised 15th July.

At the same time we are looking and evaluating the best place where our company will be registered. More details will come in the near future.

Since our platform is almost ready we will do a report every 2 weeks, we will keep you updated anyway if there is something important to communicate. However, we are almost there and the launch of the platform is now less than 1 month and a half away!

We will keep you updated!!

Thanks for reading.



This week we made improvements to the graphics to make the user experience more enjoyable. A big thanks to our Discord user VoltaVX who was very useful for the improvements of the user interface. Here is a little preview:

Markets page preview

At the same time, the Terms of Service were drawn up, and the terms for listings and delistings were defined. For the following days we expect a security audit and stress testing operations to ensure and provide the best trading experience to our users. Stay tuned!



During the last few days the team has completed all exchange public and private API endpoints. The platform is now completed and it will be tested closely on a daily base.

We have now started to improve our website UI to make it more modern and responsive.

The team is also defining exchange ToS and Listing Terms.

The Whitepaper will be released 15th July.

Exchange Mainnet launch is currently planned for 15th August.



Our platform DEMO version is finally out!


The website will be available for testing for a few weeks. We have already identified some non critical bugs and corrected them, thanks to all the users that tested the platform.

Anyone interested on joining the testing phase is welcome and will be rewarded for any bug found, more details are available on Discord.

During the last week we have completed the implementation of deposits/withdrawals for XMR blockchains. We are now starting to create all the necessary public and private API endpoints in preparation for the exchange mainnet launch!

We will also release our whitepaper by the end of June!



During the last week, thanks to the support of the community, we managed to get SLDS coin listed on Crex24, this is a small step towards the realization of our project. We are now continuing with our mission to make ourselves visible on multiple platforms such as CMC and Coingecko. Meanwhile, we continue to work hard to finalize our Solidus Exchange platform.

Our platform development:

  • We have started to integrate our investment solution on the platform
  • We have started the integration of XMR based coins
  • We have succesfully tested BTC and ETH/ERC20 deposits and withdrawals

After these tasks are completed we will start a short internal testing phase, and then release our platform in testnet mode.

All users will be able to take part of it and they will be rewarded for any bug or security vulnerability discovered.



SLDS coin has been listed on ihostmn.com.

SLDS coin will be listed on exchanges hopefully this week, our team already filled listing forms and is waiting for a response.

We would like to thank you all the people that supported us during the presale phase!

During the last week the following tasks have been completed on our exchange platform

  • Integration and testing of ETH and ERC20 deposits
  • Improvements on the order matching algorithm
  • Improvements on the markets page UI.
Solidus Exchange preview